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Wheyvia is the best gluten free, whey protein on the market today which contains no artificial additives: flavored with only top ingredients, and sweetened to perfection with Stevia, the absolute best, low calorie, all natural sweetener on the market. The protein is absorbed immediately, flooding your muscles with critical amino acids. This makes Wheyvia the best whey protein to take immediately after your workout, when your muscles most crave protein.



– No cheap protein fillers

– No artificial sweeteners

– No artificial colors

– No artificial flavors


– Digestive enzymes for absorption

– All natural and best whey protein

– BCAAs for protein uptake


–  24 grams Protein/Serving

– Only 4g Carbohydrate/Serving

– Protein source is 100% whey protein

Wheyvia comes in a 2 pound container and contains 28 servings.

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Weight2.8125 lbs

Chocolate, Vanilla

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5 reviews for Wheyvia

  1. Megan

    Chocolate Wheyvia has been my post workout for over a year now. I have a sensitive stomach and all other whey brands I tried bloated me terribly. This one has digestive enzymes, stevia and just dissolves in a shake without a blender. I recommend this one for anyone who wants to use whey but is typically sensitive to it.

  2. Catherine

    I saw a post on facebook about this to use as coffee creamer. I really liked it a lot. I mixed it with some half and half and it came out awesome. protein and caffeine all in one for me 🙂

  3. Carmen Rochester

    I have a really sensitive stomach to regular proteins and ive found this to be an amazing alternative! Choc wheyvia does wonders before my gym sessions. I love that this company offers a product like this for people with sensitive stomachs and gluten allergy’s.

  4. Mike Lansworth

    Cool, ive found a product i can actually drink without wrecking my stomach! lol, not to mention this product tastes FANTASTIC .

  5. Stephanie Guthrie

    I try to find protein powders sweetened with stevia and almost no sugar. Wheyvia was referred to me by one of my friends and I love it.

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