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The Only Whey” contains ultrafiltered, (pure) whey protein and provides the highest biological value available from any single protein source. Flooding your muscles with critical amino acids, “The Only Whey” is the perfect fast-acting blend to take immediately after your workout, when muscles crave protein the most.  LRW protein is ideal for weight loss, easy absorption, fast recovery and incredible gains in lean muscle.



“The Only Whey” contains cold ultrafiltered, (pure) whey protein and provides the highest biological value available from any single protein source. Flooding your muscles with critical amino acids, “The Only Whey” is the perfect fast-acting blend to take immediately after your workout, when muscles crave protein the most.  LRW protein is ideal for weight loss, easy absorption, fast recovery and incredible gains in lean muscle.  This product mixes in as little as 4oz of fluid and no blender is needed. “The Only Whey” has everything you need. This product is ideal for any weight loss program.

  • Complete Amino Acid Profile
  • Quick Amino Uptake
  • Glutamine for Recovery and weight loss
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Contains No Aspartame
  • BCAAs for Lean Muscle
  • Low Lactose
  • Incredible Flavor

Mixes Easily: Instantized to mix easily and completely with just a shaker cup or a glass and spoon. No blender necessary

Premium Protein: Fast-acting Ultrafiltered Whey Protein  

Amazing Taste: You won’t believe how great The Only Whey tastes!

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2 LB, 5 LB, Single Serve


Chocolate, Vanilla, Italian Sweet Cream, Cinnamon Swirl, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Chocolate Minty Moo, Oh' Sweet Caramel, All (Variety Pack Only)

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19 reviews for The Only Whey

  1. lwatson320 (verified owner)

    Not only is this the best tasting protein powder I’ve tried, it’s also the best nutritionally. The carb/fat/protein ratio is perfect and I’ve noticed a significant change in my body – less fat, more lean muscle, and better muscle recovery. LOVE this product!

  2. elifoo

    The nutrition of my protein is important to me. I don’t want a lot of carbs, and I certainly want it to blend smooth with good flavor. We used to buy protein at Costco, but my entire family of 8 prefers LRW protein powder to anything else. Most of our family loves the chocolate, but the cinnamon mixed with peanut butter is a close second.

  3. Stephanie stapley

    Best protein i have some accross. I feel like i have tried tonsss of different types of proteins and could never find one that didnt taste good or upset my stomach. This one is the best out there ive tried. My fave is the italian sweet cream. Goes good in yogurt, coffee, protein pancakes, or even just plain water. The customer service is top notch too. Very helpful, and will help anyway he can to help you reach your goals.

  4. Katrina Kacirek

    I love the taste of all of these proteins. I start every single day with a scoop in my coffee. I blend it with almond milk and it’s a much cleaner creamer and helps me get in my necessary protein for the day. Many of my clients (I’m a trainer) have made the switch from Shakeology, Life Matters and Herbalife to this product because it tastes better, the nutritional value is better and it’s friendlier on their credit card.

  5. melissachaignot (verified owner)

    Best tasting whey protein, hands down! I have tried every flavor, blended with almond milk and fruit and just mixed with almond milk.. Italian sweet cream is my favorite (cookies and cream!),cinnamon swirl is also delicious!! I often use Italian sweet cream as a milk replacement in my iced coffee, or mixed into plain Greek yogurt.. so delicious!! Erik genuinely cares about his customers and is always willing to give advice to help you reach your goals! I am very happy to refer and support this small business!

  6. Lucresia Oyarce

    Every week day after I hit the gym I can hardly wait to get home and have my chocolate minty moo protein. Chocolate minty moo is by far my favorite protein post work out, of course my second favorite one is Cinnamon Swirl.
    Hands down for LRW products, they are quality, mix easy (most of the times I just use water and ice), the taste is great. I use protein powder on healthy pancake recipes, muffins, protein cookies to satisfy my sweet tooth.
    I strongly recommend LRW products and if you ever have questions, just ask. The company has great customer service, very supportive and honesty above all.

  7. Carla Meiers (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been using protein powder for the last 8 years. 2 1/2 years ago, our trainer recommended we try LRW protein powder. This protein powder is the best we have used. The taste is outstanding, nutrition value is excellent, the price is just right and Erik, the owner, provides first-rate customer service. Sweet Italian Cream is our favorite. I highly recommend this product. You will be extremely satisfied and glad that you did! Do it! You won’t regret it!

  8. Alexia

    I have used many whey protein powders over the years. I really like LRW chocolate peanut butter The Only Whey.
    This product mixes very easily and tastes good.
    LRW offers great customer service and the owner is always willing to answer questions regarding the products and usage.

  9. Diana

    Love The Whey! Taste Awesome! Peanut butter Chocolate is Yummy! And the Minty Moo! Yum! Yum! My favorite! Its smooth! You can just shake it and drink! Which I love! no after taste or chalky after taste! Erik Is Awesome! He always will talk to you on the phone or write back! And you never have to wait long for a response! Awesome guy!

  10. Timeri Morin

    The Cinnamon Spice is amazing! I drink it with water mixed in a shaker after the gym…it doesn’t taste chalky. It’s great mixed into oatmeal, greek yogurt, even pancakes. It’s surprisingly versatile. A great, easy way to incorporate protein into your day.

  11. christinazeravica

    This is by far the best tasting protein powder I have ever used. I am hooked! I like to treat myself with this after my workouts. If you haven’t bought the Minty-moo you are missing out, it is amazing how delicious it is! Honestly, all the flavors are delicious. I have a shelf filled in my pantry with these products :)))

  12. Renee L

    I’ve never been a fan of protein powders until I found LRW and now that’s the only product I use. The cinnamon swirl is my favorite you can mix it in coffee or simply drink it with water. They mix without clumping and the flavors are amazing. I own several different flavors and my next one to try is Minty-moo which I hear is amazing as expected. If you were like me and hated protein powders you MUST try LRW you will be hooked. Eric the owner is amazing. He helped me tweak my diet and show me what I needed to do. I will admit I didn’t follow his suggestions at first (that’s why I was fat) but once I did the weight just started falling off. He knows what works and is only a text or call away.

  13. Frank

    Best tasting protein I have used. Lifter for 20 years and I have used every brand like Dymatize, Metrx, Quest and this is tastier and mixes better

  14. Catherine

    The cinnamon swirl is my favorite. I mix it in pancakes, yogurt and other baked goods for a protein boost. I am extremely happy with this product. Most whey protein on the market is chalky and doesn’t dissolve. This one does perfectly.

  15. Terri Anasagasti (verified owner)

    I never found a protein powder I liked until I was introduced to LRW. It is hands down the best tasting protein drink I have tried! They mix nice/quick into liquids and incorporate easily into recipes. I always have on hand the cinnamon swirl and chocolate, but now have added to my “must keep on hand” is the Chocolate Minty Moo! I love that the company is local owned/operated, customer service/price point are ON POINT and the nutritional content is perfectly balanced protein/carb/sugar for me. I find myself craving the shakes if I miss a day.

  16. Holly Holland

    LRW Vanilla Protein powder is the ABSOLUTE best vanilla protein powder that I have ever used!! Keep a spare AT ALL TIMES because I don’t ever want to run out!!

  17. Jennifer Watkins

    I was looking for a great tasting post workout shake and found this through Orange Theory. I love the cinnamon swirl, Italian sweet cream and Oh sweet caramel. It dissolved well and I can mix all kinds of fruits with it.

  18. karson garrison

    This whey is fantastic! The Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite flavor. I blend with bananas and boom, you got a 10 dollar shake from the gym for about 1.40 that tastes 10x better.

  19. Ja Yung Benick (verified owner)

    I found out about LRW from the Peloton community. I started with the sample kit and they are all good. My favorite so far is chocolate peanut butter with a banana. AMAZING!!! and better than the $8 shake I used to buy at the gym after spin class.

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