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LRW Meal Replacement is the most advanced protein on the market! It includes: a blend of the 7 most effective proteins for enhancing lean muscle, digestive Enzymes for maximum protein absorption, quick and slow digesting proteins to nourish muscles for 4 hours, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat for superior results and is rich in Essential Amino Acids.



This is the ultimate healthy meal which can not be found in any store. This perfect blend uses 3 highly absorbent proteins consisting of whey, egg and a time released casein. There are 11 grams of carbohydrates which is mandatory in order to get the protein absorbed into the bloodstream, which only 3 grams are sugar.  This is where 99% of the shakes available fall short. Also, infused in the powder is 6 grams of MCT oil which is an amazing healthy fat. This magical oil helps with joint support, absorption and boosts your immune system. There is also 5.5 grams of fiber which very few shakes use. There is absolutely NO SOY PROTEIN in this healthy meal. Soy protein is known to raise estrogen levels and increase risk of breast and testicular cancer. This product mixes in as little as 4oz of fluid and no blender is needed. This makes it the most convenient way hard working people can get their daily nutrition.

Most Advanced Protein Available…

• Blend of the 7 most effective proteins for enhancing lean muscle

• Digestive Enzymes for maximum protein absorption

• Quick and slow digesting proteins to nourish muscles for 4 hours

• Complex carbohydrates and healthy oils for superior results

• Rich in BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids

Perfect Time-Release Protein

Seven combines 7 different proteins to fuel your body for a full four hours. Proteins are digested at different rates. By combining different proteins you enjoy an immediate, medium and extended source of nutrition as your body breaks protein down into amino acids which creates a healthy meal.

Ideal Ratio of Protein, Complex Carbs and Healthy Oils

Seven includes an ideal ratio of complex carbohydrates and healthy oils to support extended time-release of amino acids.

Immediate Release

Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Concentrate are absorbed within 30 minutes after you consume them.

Medium Release

Egg Protein and Milk Protein Isolate fuels your body with amino acids for 11/2 hours (90 minutes). Egg is considered a perfect protein because it has the highest protein efficiency ratio.

Extended Release

Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate take much longer to digest. You get a full 4 hour release of amino acids. This makes these proteins ideal for appetite control.

Additional information

Weight3.8125 lbs
Dimensions10 × 6 × 5.4 in

3 LB Container, Single Serve Packet


Chocolate, Vanilla, Italian Sweet Cream, Cappuccino

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36 reviews for Meal Replacement

  1. Lucy Anaya-Mitchell

    This was the first LRW product I tried. I was loathe to try another protein powder because most don’t mix well or taste too great. I didn’t have either of those issues with LRW and in fact, loved this product so much I have purchased it again.

  2. elifoo (verified owner)

    I HATE eating breakfast. This is the perfect solution for me. This meal replacement is quick, and it is easy to drink fast when I am on the go. Bonus is that it is packed with sustaining nutrition. My favorite flavors are Strawberry, Banana, and Cappuccino; in that order. I have been using this product for about 9 months.

  3. Don

    Totally LOVE these products. The texture and flavor is great and the ingredients are quality! I hate eating breakfast so I use a protein shake every morning. My favorites are Banana and Chocolate! Going to also try out the birthday cake flavor this order! Eric is awesome!

  4. Katrina Kacirek

    This meal replacement is my go-to for when I’m busy or when I just don’t know what to eat. I’m a trainer and I work multiple jobs so I’m always on the go and don’t always have time to eat a full meal or heat up a prepped meal. I also need something that keeps me full and this is perfect. If I have the time, one of my favorite ways to eat it is to blend it with with almond or cashew milk, pour it in a bowl and top with fruit and nuts.

  5. Christina Brantley

    I recently order the Cappucino meal replacement through Erik and I just love it. I mix mine with black cold coffee so I feel like I had my coffee and breakfast with one shake. It keeps me satisfied and I’m not hungry till lunch time. I’ll be re-ordering soon. ❤️ This product and Erik!

  6. Erica Tafaro

    Best meal replacement shake ever. Erik has never the best products on the market! Italian Sweet Cream is amazing!

  7. Jeremy Toney

    I have tried the Italian Sweet Cream and the Cappuccino. I have had many other products from several different places from on line purchases to in store pick up. There is NOTHING I would recommend over LRW Meal Replacement. Nothing tastes this good! Please by all means don’t take my word for it. Try it. I am willing to bet everyone will agree with me. Thanks Life Recovery Wellness for making a meal replacement that tastes GREAT!

  8. Jlnels10 (verified owner)

    Love these meal replacements. The chocolate tastes like ice cream and the Italian sweet cream tastes like cookies and cream! I like the birthday cake mixed with my morning coffee. Blends extremely well with just a shaker and is very satisfying. Love the product! I recommend the meal replacement to all of my friends!

  9. Tania Volk (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the meal replacement in both the Italian Sweet Cream and Happy Birthday flavors. In the time that I have used it, I have lost weight and gained significant amounts of energy. I feel significantly better across the board. I really look forward to drinking the shakes in the morning. This is such a worthwhile investment in yourself, and I would recommend it to anyone out there. And Erik has been wonderful in coaching me through the process!!!

  10. melissachaignot (verified owner)

    I have been regularly using LRW meal replacement for a few years now and they are absolutely delicious!! I don’t often have time to sit for a meal during my work day so these shakes are a life saver! The Italian sweet cream is my favorite (think cookies and cream!) but Happy birthday is a close second (tastes just like cake batter!). Erik, the owner is always there to help with any questions or concerns I have, and trust me, I always have questions. I highly recommend these products and I am very happy to support LRW!

  11. Lucresia Oyarce

    In the mornings I have always struggled with breakfast and I would say that Meal Replacement has become my life saver. Not only that makes my life easier, but also I get to have breakfast every morning, that way I feel that I start my day right. Great quality products, great taste and great customer service. Any time I have questions all it takes is for me to ask and right away I will have the answers I need. I strongly recommend LRW products

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    Love this meal replacement. Mixes well and taste amazing. Perfect supplement for my hectic mornings.

  13. Whitney (verified owner)

    I love these meal replacements. The Banana is my favorite favor, it keeps me full till my next meal and taste amazing!!!

  14. Daniela

    This is absolutely the best protein meal replacement I have ever had. It is smooth and delicious. No funny after taste. I love love love LOVE IT!!!!!

  15. rwgreene (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite protein powder…ever! I’ve tried all kinds and this by far has the best taste, texture and value! My favorite go to drink is unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter, frozen kale and the cappuccino protein powder. It’s so good I sometimes think I should feel guilty for drinking it! I wasn’t sure I would like the cappuccino but I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did! Thank you LRW for all of your help and support – love everything about this company and products!

  16. Alexia

    I am confident that you will love LRW Meal Replacement. I use Italian Sweet Cream and Birthday Cake. My favorite way to use this product is to add one scoop to plain Greek yogurt. It blends in very easily and as an afternoon snack it is perfect to keep me from snacking between lunch and dinner.
    Erik is quite knowledgeable and extremely helpful in selecting the best suited LRW products for your lifestyle and goals. I don’t hesitate to recommend this product.

  17. Lauriel

    The birthday cake is DELISH and I’ve just ordered the legendary MINTY MOO and I cannot wait.
    Other brands like Quest have a very thick texture and it is very over whelming, LRW products are smooth and light and have a great taste!
    I have tried many different products and always come back to LRW.
    Also this product is perfect for anyone who has had weightloss surgery.

  18. desireesalazar10 (verified owner)

    I have never tasted such an amazing product!! It blends so easily, absolutely not chalky like other brands. It’s my favorite meal of the day, more like a treat than a meal replacement 🙂
    The customer service LRW provides is absolutely outstanding, Erik really cares about his clients and goes above and beyond for each and every one of them.

    I recommend this product to everyone I talk to about health and direct them to Erik for lifestyle and health goals and I know they will be as happy with the products and personal customer service as I am!

  19. deblg (verified owner)

    First I want to thank Erik for all he has done for me so far on my journey to live a healthier lifestyle. He is such an inspiration that I know that I will exceed my goals!!! Now for the LRW protein meal replacement shakes they are outstanding!!! I have used other shakes such as Isagenix and LRW is by far the best one I’ve ever had. Have had the Chocolate and Italian Sweet creme so far and can’t wait to try the rest!!!!!

  20. Diana

    Love!, Love! The chocolate Meal replacement! Chocolate is so good! Sometimes I add Peanut butter! Yum! I love how you can just shake it and drink it! And it taste good! No ganging on the taste! No chalky taste either! Most give it a try!

  21. Timeri Morin

    Hands down best meal replacement out there. The quality and taste can’t be compared. It mixes easily whether using a shaker bottle or blender. It’s low in sugar and high in protein. I’ve tried almost every flavor and love them all.

  22. Jen Gibson (verified owner)

    I have tried just about every meal replacement powder on the market, and this is by far the best tasting one out there. Couple that with the product’s high quality and great price, this is something that shouldn’t be passed up if you are in the market for a meal replacement! (AND the customer service is out of this world!)

  23. Torrey

    I absolutely love this protein brand! I’ve had most of the flavors and they’re all really good. I love my Italian Sweet Cream! This is not only great for breakfast but also for adding to my coffee or iced coffee, mixing into my yogurt, protein pancakes, in oatmeal, etc. Highly recommend this product! No icky chalky taste at all just deliciousness.

  24. Susan Candelaria (verified owner)

    I love this product! Every morning I mix the chocolate meal replacement with 8 oz of coffee and a little bit of almond milk. The perfect mix to start my day!

  25. kaseycollura (verified owner)

    I have tried many meal replacement shakes in the past as I can’t eat in the morning, but I do HIIT four or more times a week. I have found that other meal replacement shakes must be blended with ice to even tolerate them, despite the high sugar content. I was quite skeptical on Erik’s claim that these shakes don’t need to be blended with ice, but I was definitely proved wrong! The Birthday Cake is delicious and not over powering in flavor. I’ve been enjoying it in a shaker bottle, but also sometimes blend it with ice to turn it into a “milkshake” treat!

  26. Lauren (verified owner)

    This is by far the best meal replacement shake I have tried! Great for people on the go and keeps me full for hours! Thanks LRW!

  27. christinazeravica (verified owner)

    These meal replacements are delicious! My whole family loves them. They are by far the best tasting and value out there. They are filling and a great option for breakfast or anytime you need a quick meal option.

  28. scottsdalejackie (verified owner)

    I have pretty much been a distributor for every known MLM company that sold protein, but I have to say….what a pleasant surprise and taste LRW is from those companies. I am SUPER picky and I am addicted to LRW chocolate. It has really helped with my insane sweet tooth. And, buying locally from someone you know who is truly out to help each and every person with their health and fitness needs is just “icing on the cake” Birthday Cake! 🙂

  29. Kim (verified owner)

    Delicious tasting shake! Cappuccino and birthday cake are my favorites! It’s the best tasting shake I have ever had, by far! Keeps me feeling satisfied for hours.

  30. Catherine

    Birthday Cake, Need I saw More? Yummmmm!

  31. Karen D (verified owner)

    These meal replacements are the best tasting shakes I have ever tried. I just mix with water most days and taste great. No clumps. I haven’t found a flavor I didn’t like, but my favorites are Italian Sweet Cream and Chocolate. I also like to mix the flavors together to just to mix things up sometimes.

  32. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many crappy meal replacements and LRW has been my favorite for years now! I will always buy this brand because it’s helped me with my workouts and daily meals!

  33. Craig

    This has become my breakfast everyday. I never ate much in the past so this helps. I love the chocolate and Italian sweet cream.

  34. Jackson Hartwell

    Wow. Im pretty much speechless. Ive been bouncing from protein to protein for years now and have never really settled on one that ive been 100 percent happy with. LRW changed that for me! The flavors, texture, and consistency are truly a game changer! Thank you guys for making a great quality product that is fair in price as well.

  35. Renee Paquette and Anna Hall (verified owner)

    We have been using this product for years and love all the flavors we have tried. It mixes very well and is amazing in taste and texture. Love the Chocolate, Happy Birthday and Italian Sweet Cream the best, but all are great! Have known Erik for over 12 years. He gives amazing support and he has developed superb products!

  36. Sandra H (verified owner)

    I love LRW meal replacement in vanilla and Italian sweet cream! It blends so well and tastes so good! I like to have it with almond milk in the morning for breakfast. Keeps me going, especially being in a pharmacy on my feet all day with not a lot of time for a lunch.

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