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LRW Green Energy is the ultimate combination of greens with a kick. You can drink this in plain water or even add right into your LRW shakes. Each servings packs 95 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to one small cup of coffee. No more struggling to get in enough greens each day. This simple, fast and delicious blend will help fill your nutritional gaps.


LRW GREEN energy is packed with essential organic greens, micronutrients, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to optimize your nutrition and detox your body. LRW GREEN energy is powdered greens made with plant super-foods that are rich in essential micro nutrients, as well as pre-biotics, and digestive enzymes. Mixes easily in water and comes in a delicious Matcha Green Tea flavor.

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13 reviews for LRW Green Energy

  1. Megan

    I have never been a fan of greens but since I have been using LRW protein and bcaas for so long, I thought I would take a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it dissolved and tasted. It was also $20 less than most of the other brands I used. I highly recommend this to anyone needing greens. LRW seems to always find a way to make products better.

  2. Carol Hanson

    Finally a company who makes their greens product taste great. I have always enjoyed Matcha green tea and its health qualities. You get a great tasting, high quality product for less than most brands. Give it a shot,it’s worth it. I feel better already and lots more energy.

  3. Jason Robinson

    Greens powders I have tried are from Organifi, Garden of life and Sprouts. None of them I particularly enjoyed and had to choke them down. This, on the other hand was a real surprise and treat so I am happy to write a 5 star review.

  4. Dawn

    This is stuff is AMAZING. I have an autoimmune disease that restricts me from partaking in many many different items. This stuff tastes great, goes down easy, and has all the nutrients my body needs that I don’t normally get due to digestion issues. Thanks for creating this amazing product! So YUMMY!

  5. William PA

    I’m very picky and this was not only smooth but the first greens powder that tasted great.

  6. Carrie S.

    Always bought my green powder from Whole Foods. I was delightfully surprised how great LRW’s tasted. I always loved the protein and now will add the greens to my website orders as well.

  7. Kate

    Ummm, hello! Holy crap this greens drink is amaz-balls! So I get all my vitamins and micro nutrients plus prebiotics AND green tea(!) which I drink 17 cups of every day anyway? Loyal customer. Thank youuuuuuu:-)

  8. Sam Munson

    I am someone who never eats vegetables and always have struggled. I use the greens 2 times a day and I feel better.

  9. Jennifer Watkins

    I will keep it short but the flavor was like green tea (which I enjoy). A lot of energy within 20 minutes and made it easy to get my greens in. Thumbs up!

  10. ashley t

    This is the best greens drink. Every other brand is stupidly overpriced!! I need to work on getting in my greens everyday but for now ill be consuming unholy amounts of this stuff! thank you

  11. Steven P.

    In all my years, I never expected this to taste so good. Very happy with my purchase.

  12. Amber F.

    In my opinion this is the one and only greens drink. I love matcha green tea flavor , its so refreshing . i love the fact that theres a little boost of caffeine to help get through my day. Amazing job with this one

  13. Angela Evans of Florida

    I use these every time I crash around 2pm which is like everyday during the work week. I’m liking the matcha green tea flavor and it is smoother than other brands I have used from Sprouts. I am happy with my purchase and will continue using this. Even my stomach feels better and less bloated.

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