My name is Erik Laifer and I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 yrs. I was always on the heavier side as a kid and never really took interest in being fit until I was challenged by my brother. I asked him about getting into better shape through weight training. He replied “I am not going to help you because you will not stick with it”. That was all I needed to hear! What a challenge! Before long, I was muscular, lean and on my way to better things. My brother and I are very close today and I still give his words the credit for getting me where I am today. When an individual chooses the route of health and fitness, their personal spirit begins to attract higher levels of positive energy. It can improve relationships, careers, self esteem and overall well being.

I currently own Life Recovery Wellness. LRW covers protein powders, meal replacements, bcaa’s, pre-workout, multi’s and my very special customized lifestyle eating programs which are based on blood typing, health background, lifestyle and goals. Over the years I have seen many products come and go without resolving basic issues. People get fooled by catchy marketing and powerful fad style plans. Where people tend to go wrong is that they are looking for a quick fix and join diet centers which reward on losing scale weight or work on a points system. This plan never actually teaches proper nutrition or food timing. When restricting your daily caloric intake, you will lose scale weight but what is it you are actually losing? The fact is that the body will burn valuable lean muscle mass when starved so the body will not only gain back the weight lost, but add even more fat on after normal eating has resumed. I always found it strange that these well known places never take a body composition test first. This would prove that those diets do not work long term. Another mistake is the ever popular HCG diet. This again never teaches proper nutrition but uses an extreme starvation diet of 500 calories a day. These poor people have no energy and feel awful for a month. The theory is that the HCG will help maintain lean muscle while the body burns 100% fat. This has never been proven to be true and when you see an HCG van pass you on the highway, you have to wonder if it is just another scheme for people to make money. My research shows some possible serious long term side effects in both men and women.

Here at Life Recovery Wellness, I have developed customized plans for each person, not the masses. My dietary plans and supplements are geared for long term success and focus on burning off fat storages while maintaining lean muscle tissue. My goal is not about dropping 20 lbs in a week, I focus on optimal health because when the body is running well, it is easy to shed fat. Doing it right takes commitment and discipline but you will benefit the rewards for the rest of your life. If you are ready to “GET YOUR LIFE BACK” then you have found the perfect site. Contact me direct for the dietary work since I do this on referral only.